coffee at the basement cafe

Our Beans The success of the Basement Cafe has been driven by freshness and supporting our local suppliers. Through our partnership with Coffee Supreme, we would like to introduce you to your new best friend –‘South Blend’ – proudly dosing you with your daily fix.

The South Blend is structured around a classic Indian coffee and delivers outstanding smoothness and length with lingering malty chocolate flavour in the finish. With its dry spice aroma with low-acidity finishing with strong notes of malt and chocolate.

Step on down to The Basement Cafe today and meet your new best friend. We are sure you will love each other!

What is the difference between a good coffee and a great coffee?

A skilled barista! This is the person you want to prepare your cup.

They are experienced in being able to carry out to near-perfection four operations: dosing, tamping, pulling and steaming. A good Barista knows that these four skills are not always enough for the perfect brew as the tamping can also be influenced by other factors such as how fine the grind is.

This is where the importance of the Barista’s attention to detail comes into play. They must pay attention to all of these factors as well as the quality of the coffee and it’s presentation. Most of all, the barista needs to interact with his or her customers!


Meet the Barista’s at Basement Cafe

Richard. Richard’s love affair with Coffee has been long and passionate. With many years of experience behind the machine from running his own Mobile Coffee Business, Richard has the art of producing large volumes of the perfect brew at a quick pace.

Sujean. Sujean has been a Barista for nearly 15 years. He is passionate about what he does and believes that Coffee making is an art form. According to Sujean, important consideration when making a Coffee is attention to detail. Having made on average 500 cups per day for 15 years, Sujean has this profession down to a fine art.